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About The Desk Doctor

Welcome to our haven of skilled craftsman, where we breathe new life into your cherished furniture pieces. Our expert team specializes in refinishing and restoration, transforming your furniture into stunning works of art. With a focus on desks, chairs, dining tables, dressers, and bedroom furniture, our commitment to excellence ensures each piece is treated with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Our touch-up repair services rejuvenate your furniture’s appearance, making it look as good as new. Our artisans are also proficient in chair caning techniques, including pre-woven, lace, and fiber rush methods. Trust us to preserve your furniture’s unique character and history while giving it a fresh and lasting appeal. Experience the magic of our skilled craftsmanship and let your furniture tell its story for generations to come.

The Desk Doctor prides itself on delivering exceptional service, rooted in experience and honesty. With over 28 years of expertise, you can trust us to rejuvenate and mend your furniture, making it look as good as new.